The European Union recognised the importance of entrepreneurship with the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs (Lisbon European Council 2000 and 2005), requiring member states to support entrepreneurship education in schools and colleges. 

Progress reports in 2007 and in 2009 showed slow progress. ‘Much entrepreneurship education practice tends to be ad hoc, varies vastly in quantity and quality, is not treated systematically in the curriculum and has relied heavily on the enthusiasm and commitment of individual teachers and some schools. Some activity is structured and ambitious, much is not.’(European Commission 2010)

The Entrepreneurial School works on five key areas and the project directly or indirectly addresses all 5:


1. Teachers' continuing professional development and training

2. Establishing quality supporting frameworks to measure best practice and to evaluate impact

3. Development of appropriate support structures and activities

4. Establishing networks between best practices

5. It will focus on the initial education of teachers and the integration in the curriculum.