How to start with TES: Quick Start Guide To Enterprise Education


1. Start by doing a self-evaluation


A. Go to TES Guide main page Choose “You and Your School” and there the link Go to the Lappeenranta University's Measurement Tool for Enterprise Education.
B. Click the register –link.
C. Fill in some background information and create username.
D. After that you can start answering the questions (approx. 30)
E. Once the last question is completed click send.
F. You will immediately receive your personal feedback to your email address.

2. Try some “easy to go” tools and methods to warm up!
Creative Cards – it is valuable tool with all necessary information including PDF materials. Try a few of the creativity exersices in your class and you will be supprised to see how involved the students are. Can fit all age groups. 

3. Read about and perhaps try one more method / tool
We recommend to look into more tools / methods which are quite different:
Autumn Market
Games in Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning

4. Register and write a review
Register on the and subscribe for the monthly newsletter.  Get news and updated information on the content of the guide, included opportunities for participating in webinars and seminars. Share your opinion: Write a review of a tool or method. This will help us develop the virtual guide, and give important feedback to your colleagues all over Europe. 

5. Look into tools describing methods and teaching approaches
Some tools and methods are descriptions of methods or way of teaching in general. Use the search opportunities on the to look into the following projects:
Circle of Innovation
Dragon Fire Project

6. Read an article about the impact of entrepreneurship education
In the “Polict and Strategy“ area in, you will find documents about entrepreneurship education. Start by reading "Does entrepreneurship begin in the classroom?

7. Score your school on the questionnaire from the University of Warwick
The 10 Key Concepts for effective Entrepreneurship Education delivery (CEI10) is a ten-item questionnaire. You will find it here or just go to the “You and your school” part on the

8. Pick a few pilot schools and see how they practice EE
On the “Schools and Good Practices“ part of the, you can learn how some schools in Europe practise entrepreneurial learning. Find the list of schools here, and have a look!

9. Do a new self-evaluation and check improvement!
Improvement? Log on with your username and password and answer the questions once more. Get a new feedback!

10. Recommend the to your colleagues