Teachers would like further training on creativity.
90% of in-service teachers say that they would like to receive some further training on creativity. European Commission reports have stated that “specific training for teachers on entrepreneurship is insufficient. This is a major obstacle to introducing the concept of entrepreneurship into the classes…”
This is especially problematic given that member states have agreed that “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” is a key competence to be acquired through education, as published in the European Commission’s European Reference Framework on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, and this need has been underlined in terms of preparing young people for the world of work via the New Skills for New Jobs initiative.

A core outcome of the High Level Reflection Panels on Entrepreneurship 2010 was the need to embed entrepreneurial learning in “every national […] education strategy to enable core entrepreneurial competences to be developed from primary and secondary level education as a mainstreamed part of the curriculum…” They also highlighted the need for more exchange of good practice to meet demand.

The EU seminar in April 2011, having gathered together experts from 30 countries, produced the Budapest Agenda which echoes and underlines these themes. The EU’s Budapest report says that entrepreneurship education has now found its way into the national education strategies of “most countries in Europe” but we are in need of “more systematic development.”