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Work in Progress

With submissions still arriving on a daily basis, a snapshot of the materials received thus far provides an exciting prospect for the potential of this project .Nearly 100 Tools and Methods and over 40 Framework returns have been received and the project has accumulated an impressive array of support materials for teacher training in entrepreneurship education. The NFG coordinators will  now need to request more detail from some of their schools/providers and drill down into the materials to explore their potential more fully but it is apparent from the detail provided thus far that there is huge potential. The artefacts identified reflect a diverse range of approaches and encompass the full age range, albeit with a slight predominance of materials more suitable for secondary schools.


The Tools and Methods submissions cover the full range of requirements, although more could be provided for some topics, for example the assessment of learning outcomes. Some materials will also need to be ‘tweaked’ to identify more clearly how they will support teacher training.

The Framework submissions, although less numerous, are supported by very detailed ‘Case Studies’ from some of the 80 project schools. These exemplars provide a potentially very powerful tool and could be very instructive for practitioners wanting a ‘warts and all’ account of the process of introducing /developing entrepreneurship education in their schools.


Meanwhile, back to the search!


Malcolm Hoare, Centre for Education and Industry, University of Warwick.