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Vlajo, winner of TES Teacher Training Award

Vlajo, the JA organisation in Belgium Flanders, trained 686 teachers in 33 training sessions since the launch of the TES Virtual Guide in March 2014. 

Their outstanding contribution to the TES teachers training was recognized during the Company of The Year Competition (Berlin, July 2015) where Peter Coenen, Vlajo's CEO, received the TES Teacher Training Award.

The TES Teacher Training award is a friendly competition to recognise the organisation that has trained the highest number of teachers and it has the purpose to honour all the hard work TES partners have been putting in to reach the goal of training 4,000 teachers. 

The winning criteria is: number of trainings, number of registrations and reviews on the Virtual Guide. All the trainings from the beginning of March 2014 until end of June 2015 were counted.