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TES Virtual Guide: Finland’s point of view

Elena Ruskovaara, TES National Coordinator in Finland

How can the TES Virtual Guide support the focus on entrepreneurship education in your country?

The Virtual Guide is a good practical tool and I think teachers find it very useful because they can get ideas, materials and methods about how to put entrepreneurship education into practice. I think that especially the searching criteria elements are highly valued.

Have you had any feedback from teachers about the TES Virtual Guide?

We launched the Virtual Guide by involving Finnish teachers two months ago. Therefore, it is too early to give a precise feedback, but what I can say is that in the training sessions we have organized so far all the participants were curious and excited about using the Virtual Guide to find new ideas and materials to embed in their everyday work.

What are the next steps regarding the TES Virtual Guide? How do you plan to reach more teachers and more users?

 At this stage, we have trained approximately two hundred teachers, so we are half way there… However the plan is to organise new training sessions with the objective to at least double that amount of teachers as soon as possible.

Pirjo Ek, teacher and TES super trainer, Finland

What is your experience with the TES Virtual Guide?

I really like the Virtual Guide. It´s easy to use and it’s helpful.

Which tool is the one that you would suggest to colleagues and why?

Creative Cards. It consists of a set of 54 cards with a range of ideas and exercises focusing on problem solving.  I think it is one of the best tools in the Virtual Guide as it gives you a simple guidance on how to solve problems or it offers you inspiration for collaboration and creative thinking. 

What feedback did you receive from students in class about the entrepreneurial tools you are using?

My students love my entrepreneurial lessons because they are so interactive.

Can you share any interesting stories?

I noticed that, after some entrepreneurial lessons, our students become more active and more problem solving oriented. This is a great achievement. 

Is there something you would change or improve in the TES Virtual Guide?

TES Virtual Guide is just perfect :)