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TES Virtual Guide in Poland

Małgorzata Sobkowicz, TES National Coordinator in Poland

How can the TES Virtual Guide support the focus on entrepreneurship education in your country?

The TES Virtual Guide is a strategic tool for Poland. Our objective is upload new tools and methods there and to keep promoting it in events that are relevant for JA Poland and its programmes (e.g. national coordinators meetings, teachers’ meetings, coaches meetings, etc.). 

Have you had any feedback from teachers about the TES Virtual Guide?

Most of the teachers said that the Virtual Guide is a practical and useful tool for them in all school levels (primary, secondary and vocational schools). The guide contains more than 100 tools and methods to support entrepreneurial teaching and learning, very good practices and framework documents from 85 schools in 10 countries. 

What are the next steps regarding the TES Virtual Guide? How do you plan to reach more teachers and more users?

JA Poland will disseminate the project and its usefulness during the upcoming teacher trainings and other projects.

Katarzyna Wędzelewska, Teacher, Collegium Salesianum , Bydgoszcz, Poland

What is your experience with the TES Virtual Guide?

I have become interested in tools for teachers’ and schools’ evaluation regarding entrepreneurship.

Which tool is the one that you would suggest to your colleagues and why?
I liked "Autumn Market", project developed by a Finnish school for students from 6 to 16 year old.  The school regularly organises a market for the local community, which generally takes place on Saturday, the day which is suitable for the majiority of the families. During the market, competing teams of senior students organise a variety of stands. This event is well-entrenched in the local environment. I plan to organise a similar project in my school next year as it is an excellent opportunity to promote the school towards the local community.

Can you share with us an interesting story?
I have been an entrepreneurial teacher for many years now. I try to help my students in developing an interest for their financial resources, so that they will be able to invest properly and generate future profits. I have managed to convince many students to use their skills to be self-employed in the future. At the beginning they were only trying but today, as graduates, they continue to develop their small businesses. Interesting was their fervor, the enormity of the ideas, the subsequent discouragement and the positive attitude to face challenges and to meet the needs of the local school market [...]. 

Is there something that you would change or improve in TES Virtual Guide?

A tab with a database of teachers and schools that would like to take part in international projects should be placed on the website. After all, the contents and tools on the Virtual Guide have been uploaded and shared by teachers thinking similarly and it might be good to promote and boost the cooperation across countries.

Anna Wolnik, Teacher, VII Secondary School, Bydgoszcz, Poland

What is your experience with the TES Virtual Guide? 

With great interest I browse through the ideas for classes from other teachers in different countries.It is very inspiring. I regret, however, that there are no materials ready to be adapted.

Which tool is the one that you would suggest to your colleagues and why?

I have got interested in a tool called "My Future on a Bike". Developed by an Italian school, it is a social entrepreneurial and innovative project, using the potential of a regional cycling sector. It focuses on key issues related to sustainable mobility, local marketing, cycling tourism, communication and media. The most innovative and experimental aspect of the project is the way in which the knowledge is transferred to students, instructing them how to initiate a social enterprise. It is a very good idea, especially for schools located in areas with high unemployment. 

Can you share with us an interesting story?

A group of students from J. Kusociński VII Secondary School in Bydgoszcz got interested in an educational game – JA Titan. I have led an additional class for 1st years of willing students of mathematics and computer science. Students  became curious about the company-management game.  This is an  educational programme for secondary schools implemented by JA Poland on which I have been working for several years.  I have led classes working on a computer simulation of the company management process. During the game, the students were able to learn how the company works. Most important, however, was the game itself as it allowed students to make strategic decisions while playing. 

Is there something that you would change or improve in TES Virtual Guide?

I miss a link or a tab for "looking for partner in a project," where it would be possible to get in touch with other teachers interested in developing  students’ social and entrepreneurial skills.