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Entrepreneurial School Award

In The Entrepreneurial School project, we are glad to announce the Entrepreneurial School Award.

Objective: The Entrepreneurial Schools Award is a national and European recognition of the best schools in entrepreneurship education.


  • Entrepreneurship education activities include most of the teachers and the students
  • The school has a vision and a plan for entrepreneurship education
  • There are specific recourses allocated to entrepreneurship education
  • The school has actively supported teachers' continuing professional development and training within entrepreneurship education
  • How the school includes the local community and business sector in the activities

Prize: The best school in each country will be named as “The Entrepreneurial School of the Year” and recognised at European level. 

Who can apply and how: Any school can apply by June 15th. For schools in countries being a partner in TES, send application to the coordinator in the National Focus Group. Schools from countries not participating in the project can send the application to You can find the application form here.

In case of questions about the award, please email